Economic Sociology of Islam According to The Risale-i Nur


Since economic policies and administrative regulations cannot be differentiated from their own material circumstances and sociological basis, a multidisciplinary analysis is conducted over economics, sociology and related Islamic jurisprudence in order to add value to solutions for some problems in Islamic economics. Particularly as a contemporary reference with its methodological originality, Risale-i Nur Collection is prominent in setting up of economic principles with their sociological basis from the holy Koran. Our argument is that since sociological basics of Islamic economics are valid and pervasive, its results are more congruent, logical and beneficial in providing human happiness and easing burden of worldly life. Therefore, in comparing western sociology that centralizes worldly life in primer focus by subjugating everything that can serve material progress and capital accumulation as means of production or productive relations, with İslamic sociology that takes world only as a temporary place but worthwhile to the extent that it preserves life of the hereafter by subjugating whatever exist as creature means relation of which should be based on Divine consent.