Book Review

Tomáš Sedláček; Economics of Good and Evil: The Quest for Economic Meaning from Gilgamesh to Wall Street


The author of the book in concern is Tomáš Sedláček. Born in 1977 in Prague, Sedláček is rather a young but well-known and talented Czech economist. He got his education from Prague University. One of his main successes is that at the age of twenty-four, he worked as an economic adviser to the former Czech president Václav Havec for two years. Then he became one of the members of the National Economic Council which is an advisory body to the Czech Prime Minister. He worked there also for two years. Currently he is the Chief Macroeconomic Strategist at the Československá obchodní banka (CSOB), a well-known commercial bank in Czechia. Additionally, he lectures at Charles University, and also writes as a columnist.