Waqas Mehmood

  • Dr.
  • Taylor’s University Malaysia.

Dr. Waqas Mehmood is working as lecturer in the School of Accounting and Finance, Faculty of Business and Law at Taylor’s University Malaysia. Holding a PhD from the esteemed School of Economics, Finance, and Banking at Universiti Utara Malaysia, an AACSB-accredited university. Dr Mehmood is widely recognized for his expertise in investment finance, corporate finance and economic development. His research interests are extensive, covering a broad range of areas including investment finance, corporate finance, financial reporting, macroeconomic development, and business management. His diverse research portfolio reflects his deep knowledge and passion for understanding the complexities of finance and economics. With a strong emphasis on research, Dr Mehmood has published numerous research papers in renowned journals, many of which are indexed by prestigious databases such as SSCI, ESCI, Scopus, ABS, and ABDC. His prolific output is evident from his impressive publication record, which includes 50 research papers in the last three years alone. These publications demonstrate his significant contributions to the field, particularly in addressing financial economics and socioeconomic challenges prevalent in developing markets.