Saim Kayadibi

  • Prof.
  • Marmara University

Prof. Dr. Saim Kayadibi, currently the Chairman of European Union Halal Standards Committee, teaches in Institute of Islamic Economics and Finance at Marmara University. He is a Research Fellow in International Council of Islamic Finance Educators (ICIFE) and Centre for Islamic Economics (CIE) International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). Born in Turkey, he studied at Al-Azhar University, the University of Jordan, and obtained his MPhill and Ph.D. from Durham University, United Kingdom. Attended more than 100 international symposiums, published more than 300 articles in numerous journals, newspapers and magazines, published 11 books. He is on the Editorial Board of many academic journals. He has taught Islamic banking and finance,A muamalat, Islamic law,A Usul Fiqh, constitutional law, and Shariah-oriented public policy in various countries like England, Turkey and Malaysia.