İsa Yılmaz

  • Assoc. Prof.
  • Istanbul Medeniyet University, Turkey.

İsa Yılmaz holds a bachelor's degree in Economics and Management from Istanbul Bilgi University and participated in the University of London double degree program, receiving academic guidance from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He pursued his master's degree in Islamic Finance at the University of Durham (UK) and completed his Ph.D. in Islamic Finance from the same institution. Currently, he serves as an associate professor in the Economics Department at Istanbul Medeniyet University. He has published several academic papers on economic development, financialization and aspects of political economy in Islamic economics. In a broader context, he explores alternative economic and financial systems that strive to envision authentic models with positive developmental and welfare outcomes for emerging economies. To explore these areas, he engages with the literature on the moral economy, political economy, philosophy of economics, and alternative banking and financial models.