Amirul Haqeem Bin Abd.

  • Dr.
  • Universiti Ultara Malaysia

Amirul Haqeem bin Abd. Ghani IFP, CQIF, joined Durham University as a doctoral student in October 2014 at Doctoral Training Centre in Islamic Finance, he was awarded Islamic Financial Planner (IFP) and gained his doctorate in May 2019. Prior to his academic career as a Senior Lecturer in Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). Mr. Haqeem, graduate of Dundee University and worked at Kuwait Finance House Malaysia as a professional banker. He is the Old Putra (OP) of Royal Military College (RMC). He awarded Certified Qualification in Islamic Finance (CQIF-Wealth Management) by IBFIM in 2021. He is a trainer for Islamic Financial Planner by IBFIM-UUM collaboration since 2018. Mr. Haqeem teaches and trained IFP candidate especially in Cash Flow, Networth statement, Risk management, Islamic Investment for Hajj and Education and Estate planning. Mr. Haqeem exploring the social disclosure, environmental, green sustainability and social impact of Islamic banks for his research interest. He currently served as assistant principal for Student Residential Hall Malaysia Airlines, UUM for five terms.